Monday, February 9, 2009

*tap* *tap* *tap*

This thing on? Do I need to blow the dust off because there's a few cobwebs in here.

*smacks hand*
Yeah, I know. It's been a while. Hell, I didn't even do Weekly Winners yesterday and I had lots of shots to choose from last week.

Death found me and I started feeling sick Thursday night but still went to Gasparilla on Saturday and then He knocked and kicked my ass yesterday. I didn't move all day. Today is a bit better but Sutafed has been my assistance to existence the last two days.

But what better way to come back then an episode of What Not to Wear! I mean come on...this is the best.

So this is where we'll start.


Okay so the dress isn't really all that bad but you can't see the cowboy boots she has on her feet and the blinking tiara that she has. The dress flowed great on the dance me.

Moving on.


Full body camo with pink Crocs? Effin' seriously? Did you not look in the mirror before you left? Granted it's been cold in FL the last couple of days but gdamn, you aren't going hunting, you're going to a frigging country bar.


Welcome to Pleasantville....nothing more to say.

Of course I saved the best for last. If you don't like needles or anything like that...please don't look. If your eyes bleed, this is my disclaimer that I warned you.


Yep...that's 6. Count them. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six piercings down her back! WTF would you do this to yourself? Is there some stimulation that I'm not finding on Google that makes sex better because I'm thinking that laying on my back would hurt like hell.

So there it is folks. Bringing you back to the reality of what not to wear.

Stay tuned....

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