Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Friday!!

Haiku Friday
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Weekend starts today
This week has been the longest
Babysitter please?

Sunday is for beach
Fort DeSoto here we come
Leave sunscreen at home

Ten thirty brings dentist
Numb me up Doctor Miller
Please don't make it hurt

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11 have this to say:

Danielle said...

just went to the dentist yesterday. no shots but a lot of jackhammering!

Have a good weekend, I hope you are able to get the babysitter!

Kat said...

Oh no! Not the dentist! My biggest fear. Ack!
Just keep thinking of that beach. :)

Secret Agent Mama said...

Oh man, the dentist. You have to plant yourself, virtually, on that beach early!

Marylin said...

Hope all goes well at the dentist! Enjoy the beach :)

Joyce said...

Does your dentist offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas)? That really helps me relax. Otherwise I feel freaked out. :(

evel dread said...

dentist, then beach I hope :) that w/b a great place to recover!

storyteller said...

Hope your trip to the
'dentist' is a painless one
and your weekend is

filled with 'fun' each day.
May you find a 'sitter' who
meets your fam'ly's needs.

Hugs and blessings,

Scylla said...

Mmm... I hate the dentist. Hope they numb you well.

Anonymous said...

enjoy the beach!! but why no sunscreen. would i understand if i clicked the link?

the planet of janet said...

*shudder* i have had my own dental trauma this week too. it worked out ok, but oh the anticipation!

have a good weekend!

Lisa said...

Dentist was painless
Still feeling numb from shot
5 is almost here

Figured I'd answer with a Haiku LOL All good.

Sunscreen? It was the only thing I could make fit in the Haiku LOL There will be plenty of that.