Saturday, April 12, 2008

A tree grows where?

On one of Matt's photography forums, he posted a picture of the sunset Tuesday night. Islands in the background, beautiful if I do say so myself. One of the guys came back and said "there's a tree growing in the middle of the water". No dumbass, there's an island out there..see it? That is where the tree grows.

Me and the boys headed to the beach this afternoon. J has been testing the attitude making sure the likes the nasty one, so we had to get out of the house. We head to Caladesi, one of the top beaches rated by Dr. Beach, pop a squat and start enjoying why we live here. Matt wants to go for a walk since he's brought the camera. Okie dokie....lets go. We get half way down the beach and see this. So they really do grow anywhere...who'd a thunk it.

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