Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thank you again Mother Nature

I would just like to thank Mother Nature again for screwing up every thing that today was to offer.

You see, we have a little storm out there, Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay. Maybe you've read about it? Maybe you've seen it on the news. Was supposed to take the same path as our lovely Charlie did back in '04. And unless you were living under a rock, you know the damage that Charlie did.

So here we are on Sunday, waiting in anticipation to see what this storm is going to do once it passes Cuba. School was set to start today. Once again, Home Depot was the most popular place in the county and all I watched was the weather channel.

Monday comes. EOC plans a meeting at 1pm to determine whether or not the munchkins would start school. No way, they decided. To dangerous.

Whatever! Here I sit on Tuesday morning, the oldest home from school, not a drop of rain in the sky, maybe a few clouds. The Tampa Bay area is to get nothing. That's right...NOTHING! I called this yesterday. I called that we wouldn't get anything. I need to change my profession...really.

So thank you again Mother Nature for making the Floridians scramble like it's midnight on Christmas Eve.

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kmath said...

LOL! You would think everyone would have learned by now.