Friday, May 16, 2008

Haiku Friday
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The sun is shining
Looks like it's going to be great
Weather for the beach

Laundry is scary
There are too many piles there
Please send a maid quick

Unemployment sucks
Over the non-paying vaca
Need to get a job

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5 have this to say:

siteseer said...

for the first two verses we live the same life lol. Thankfully though I still have the job. Good luck

Mandie said...

How very true. Though it's not quite warm enough here for beach weather yet!

the planet of janet said...

laundry scares me every day....

Scylla said...

My laundry and your laundry should go bowling.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the beach weather. We're supposed to get some great temps this weekend, too. And, good luck with the laundry & job search.