Wednesday, May 28, 2008

shh ww

Maybe??? Maybe not.

Okay...seems fine so maybe.

Bastard! I know that's what he's thinking :o)
Sorry for the bluriness but it's hard as hell to stay steady when your laughing so hard.

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5 have this to say:

blue said...

LOL! Guess that´s the last time he´ll be kissing an amphibian . . . that is an amphibian, isn´t it?

Lisa said...

LOL I would think it is. Hell all I know is they make for great meals for the birds in the back yard.

Mary said...

Thanks for checking out my debut on WW. Your little guy is adorable.

Phain said...

too funny! he seems so unsure yet he doesn't back away. this would so totally be my kids - kissing lizards and such! happy ww :)

Qweenie said...

He's just so damn cute!!