Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Have chair...will sit

This past 2-3 weeks have been nothing but go, go, go. I don't feel that I've sat down for 10 minutes. Where on earth to begin? Lets being on May 1. First day of the month and I loose my job. HA what a way to start off the month. At 8 o'clock in the morning it was a big deal. I think in the first 15 minutes of loosing it I felt every emotion possible; pissed, upset, relieved and everything else rolled into one. At the time it was a bad thing but now I know it's for the better.

Moving on.....Matt, my wonderful oldest child, blew out his knee goofin' off with a friend. He's now been in a locking brace for 3 weeks. He's torn both menisci (the shock absorbers in your knee), his quadrosep (sp) ligament and some other tendon. I was listening to the doctor up until the point she said he had floating cartilage and he'll be having surgery on June 10. He's been doing really good with everything. Physical therapy 3 times a week...make that boy work it.

Moving on yet again....with having this time off, it's really kicked my ass into gear with getting the invitation/announcement site going. I've done great with graduation being right around the corner. I've upgraded the blog to a real name Otto Creations, and things are starting to kick off.

So if you need announcements, invitations, hell...anything to print *insert shameless plug here*, shoot me an email. Everyday I'm adding more and more so always check back to see what's new.

Otto Creations Website

Hell I think that's it for this week....what will next week bring? Hopefully a job.

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