Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A little late on Father's Day...but I'm never on time

On time? What's that? Nevah. Anyways...lets get to the point here, Fathers Day. Crept up on me like...well ya' know. This year I didn't get to spend it with my dad like I wanted to but there is a damn good reason for it. Right now, he's in Honduras with the Northwest Tampa Church of Christ doing their annual mission trip. I praise him tremendously for this. My Dad is 60 out there with these young whipper snappers building houses for the locals. It's not just a house, its their 4 walls and a floor. That's it. 12 x 12. My dad is moving rocks, digging posts right along with everyone else.

My Dad has the biggest heart I think of anyone that I've ever met. He's kind, considerate, patient (he has to be with a daughter like me), loving...hell there aren't enough words to describe him. He's been right by my side through so much, never backing down, never a negative word. He's watched both his grandsons come into this world and take their first breath. He was the first to hold his oldest grandson, and the one to be the biggest influence in his life.

He's never let me down. He's been there for me through every thing and for that Dad...I love you =) I wish all of you the best in Honduras, come home safe and we'll be waiting *kisses and hugs*

If you want to check out their mission trip over the next 2 weeks, you can go to their blog, Honduras Mission Trip. They try to update it every couple of days.

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