Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yes child...I will let you color on the walls

When we moved into this house, what would be J's room was purple. A deep lovely shade of purple. This is the color purple that would of taken 5 coats of primer to cover. I really don't have that kind of energy...really.

See...and that picture gives it no justice. Really it doesn't.


So for 8 months now, I've been trying to figure out what in the world I'm going to do with his room. He's getting into coloring. His MagnaDoodle is his best friend. Damn! That's it. Chalkboard paint!

So off to Home Depot we go this morning. All at the same time, Mother Nature decides that she's going to make this the rainiest weekend we've had in a year. Thanks! Find the paint and realize that you can now tint it. I'm in my glory. Sitting there with an antsy toddler trying to figure out what is going to go with purple. Ummm blue? Sure it will.

So here we are.....we now have one wall as a giant easel for him to create his masterpiece. Excuse the crappy paint job...I will say the only thing that I was disappointed in was the can says it will cover 90-130 sq ft....NO! This wall is about 40+/- sq ft and it needed 2 coats. You can tell where it needs to be touched up.



If the chalk doesn't come off with just a swipe of a rag...damp it a bit and bam! All clean.

Next weekends project....figuring out if I want to do the rest of the walls or leave it. I am going to add a chair rail between the purple and blue. I'm thinking about a primary green as the color of that.

5 have this to say:

Anonymous said...

It looks great! Its one of the ideas we've been toying with for the boys but haven't done anything about. I think I'm going to have to now.

Melony said...

Wow, that looks neat! Maddie loves to draw on the walls...but perm. marker does not come off so well. She decided the hallway needed some artwork.

Jewels said...

You are so hired! I pay in drinks to your hearts content.

So when are you coming? Oh and it looks marvelous my love, just marvelous! *smooch*

Qweenie said...

Looks great honey

Kerri said...

That looks great! I bet J just loves it!!