Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shameless Plug

On May 1 I was faced with the unthinkable....unemployment. Sucks, really, it does. At first it was like a well needed vacation. Hell, I could gather to take a few weeks off. I had enough freelance work coming in that taking that time off was worth it.

Now reality hits. Uncle Same was so kind as to send that wonderful stimulus. Gone, rent paid. Groceries to feed the mouths of my hungry children. You know you have to feed them too? So here I sit. A laptop full of designs for invitations, announcements, web banners and graphics. But there is one problem....clients.

So I'm asking for the best thing out there...word of mouth. You can see designs and samples here. Ordering can be done on eBay or through the site via PayPal. Right now in June, if you order at least 25, you get 5 of those free.

Spread the word, get it out there for me *begging* please???
Otto Creations - Custom Photo Invitations and Announcements

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