Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekly Winners

October 26 ~ November 1

Bugs in your what?
PH 012

Reflections of my morning
(after I shot this and loaded it did I realize that we have paint on the lightbulb, duh!)

Florida's fake fall
WW 3

To some of you this might not be a winner but my oldest has an "A" in Economics. I really can't contain myself!

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10 have this to say:

Mishelle Lane said...

Way To Go, Matt!

Great shots, Lisa!

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Those buggy ice cubes rock!

Congrats to Matt on the A - that's fabulous!

Gattina said...

Beautiful pictures !!

Jewels said...

Light on the light bulb adds character. It's all good.

Fiesty said...

Tell Matt that we expect that from him for always now!

Devoted Mama said...

These are all awesome this week! I ♥ the colors in FLorida's fake fall.

Congrats to Matt~I can totally relate to getting excited about the grades. My oldest (12 1/2) had a rough year last year & he just got his report card Tues. (10/28) & has all A's & B's!! I'm so proud of him. And I know you're proud of Matt :)

hip chick said...

I love the bug ice cubes. Very icky!

Vicky said...

Love the buggy ice cubes.

warmlight said...

Loving the light bulb photo!

Corina the Down to Earth Mama

Karin said...

I LOVE the first shot - WOW! And well done to Matt, an A is fantastic!