Friday, August 1, 2008

Haiku Friday

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Haiku Friday: Theme ~ Your "must haves"

Funny this comes up
As the theme on this Friday
I now Plurk to much

It's a little odd
You can get lost really quick
But fun none the less

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To join in the here for more Haiku's

Happy Friday!!

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5 have this to say:

maggie said...

Plurk has totally sucked me in, and I can't seem to get back out. ;)

Jennifer said...

Meh. I like twitter better, even with all it's fail whales. Plurk's layout confuses me!

Rachel said...

I know!! Plurk, Plurk, Plurk At first I hated it, now I love it. So much more personal than Twitter :-)

Great haiku.

Anonymous said...

i've recently discovered plurking. and all i can say is...oy vey!!!

Honey Mommy said...

I can tell that I am a blogging newbie! I haven't used twitter or plurk. I have heard of twitter before, but I haven't tried it.

Today was my first haiku... my first time on plurk too!