Wednesday, April 23, 2008

shh ww

I have 2 for you today....this first one, well I just couldn't pass up since he passed out!



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Friday, April 18, 2008

Conversations with a 17 year old

Bringing this one back for

Not a real conversation. Are you kidding me? Lately mine consist of text messages. Between his school and work schedule and my schedule, I'm lucky I see him for 10 minutes a day. This morning was no different.

Sitting in the pediatrician's office for J's check up I receive a text from the oldest. It turned into a full blown conversation during his history class. Why he wasn't paying and you will see.

"Mom we Arnt doin shit in my classes and we are watchin movies can i get a sick pass and leave? Im so hungary"
(Please know that I am writing AS IS - I'm so proud (sarcasm here)

"You are kidding me right?"

"Please it wont be against me im dying in hungary with no moola"

"Great Matt but no"

The following all came in one right after another which just in turned aggravated me even more
"I have cramps"

"Tummy hurts"
"Do the right thing"

"I'm at the doctor with your brother. Stop it"

"I think he got me sick too let me go"

"Good try, he's not sick. Just a check up & again stop"

"Come on i don't want to sit here"

"I sit at work with nothing to do some times deal with it"

"Dammit mom why are you hard headed"

"Cuz I love you"

"LOL if you had to sit here and not do anything you would want to leave too"

"I do that at work. I love you"

"You make money"

"Doesn't matter. Suck it up."

"If I miss it just has to be excused"

"Thats not happening and don't forget I love you"

He hates when I do therefore that means that my job is done =)

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It's Friday!!

Haiku Friday
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Weekend starts today
This week has been the longest
Babysitter please?

Sunday is for beach
Fort DeSoto here we come
Leave sunscreen at home

Ten thirty brings dentist
Numb me up Doctor Miller
Please don't make it hurt

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Off with ya'

Every night this week I've said to my self, "Lisa, you're going to bed early!" Do you think I I sit here at my handy dandy (Blue's Clues is on) laptop, surf the net and watch the clock tick away. It's 9:44 and I told myself that I would be in bed, at least laying there watching tv, and I'm not there.

Laptops are mobile right? Bah! Tomorrow is Friday. J has a doctors appointment at 8:45 so I don't have to get up at 5:30. That right there my a wonderful thing.

Have a great night


Thursday Edition of

shh ww

J and rose
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This weeks theme is Vacation Places. It's supposed to be were you've been, were you've visited. I don't travel. With 2 big dogs, HA that's not an option. So I'm going to do a mixture of were I've been and were I want to go. Got it? Good =)

1. Landsford Shoals of the Catawba River, South Carolina My grandparents live about 20 minutes from the Catawba River. It's a wonderful, peaceful state park. Lots of things to do there. They have a great nature trail, 2 actually - one takes you right along the river and the other through the back woods.

Once a year, Memorial weekend, the spider lilies bloom. That's the only time. Makes for great moments that my oldest can capture on film (well digital).

2. Bangkok, Thailand I was only 14 when I went there to see my bio-dad. I loved it. I think I actually loved the fact that back then (don't know if its like that now) but Americans couldn't and weren't allowed to do anything. They couldn't drive so you had a Thai chauffeur. You had a maid, a teenagers best thing since sliced bread and she would cook! Could it get any better?

Now on to the "where I wanna go" list.....

florida keys
3. The Keys I live in Florida. I live 6 hours from the Keys. Do you think I've been there....that would be a big fat NO. My ex-AH has been...used to go every summer. Do you think he took me the first summer we were together? That would be another big fat NO.

Grand Canyon
4. The Grand Canyon This is another place in our wonderful US of A that I have not been. My oldest would love it.

5. Maine Now why wouldn't you want to go some place like that? 'Nuff said

Sanibel Island
6. Sanibel Island, FL I haven't been in years. This beach is gorgeous. Dr. Beach has named it a favorite beach before and I just wanna go and relax...not too much to ask is it?

7. Bora Bora Because I just love saying it =)

8. Jamaica I wanna be with one mon! Hopefully this will happen next spring. YAY!

Can you believe that I'm drawing a blank of where else I wanna go? That is very unusual for me. I'll be back later to finish my list.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

shh ww


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Monday, April 14, 2008

The calender says it Monday

Which really sucks. So much happened over the weekend that I was contemplating calling in to work today to rest from the weekend. Didn't happen. Here I sit, at work, a pile of shit, well work, to be done and I just don't feel like doing it.

My mind is racing 100mph. I drove 100 miles this morning and I know where I went but I couldn't tell you where I went. The blinders were on the entire way. Radio was playing, every song I heard reminded me of something. Whether it was the kids, the ex, my didn't matter.

I think I'm in need to some retail therapy. Which really sucks because Pres. Douche isn't supposed to get our checks to us until May 9 (and if you dont' know when you're getting yours check the IRS, they have it all planned out). When I do get that check its gone. I have so many unfinished projects and things that need to be done, I won't get any therapy.

Damn...a woman with no therapy but alas...I have Bud Light in the fridge. Okay, all is well now.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A tree grows where?

On one of Matt's photography forums, he posted a picture of the sunset Tuesday night. Islands in the background, beautiful if I do say so myself. One of the guys came back and said "there's a tree growing in the middle of the water". No dumbass, there's an island out there..see it? That is where the tree grows.

Me and the boys headed to the beach this afternoon. J has been testing the attitude making sure the likes the nasty one, so we had to get out of the house. We head to Caladesi, one of the top beaches rated by Dr. Beach, pop a squat and start enjoying why we live here. Matt wants to go for a walk since he's brought the camera. Okie dokie....lets go. We get half way down the beach and see this. So they really do grow anywhere...who'd a thunk it.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Pimp My Son

I love to pimp out the me goose bumps and all. Actually this pimping is just for someone to go vote.

As you can see by that ~~> linky over there (240 Photo) and by the slide show down there, my oldest loves to take pictures. Last year, against my greater finaicail budget, I bought him a Canon XTI. He's put it to great use because I would never have the photos that I have now. He's got an amazing eye for photography. Thanks to him, Ms. Shakespeare herself went and start on this photog adventure.

So I stumbled across this site, They do fun, weekly and bi-weekly photo contests. I usually don't enter him in all of them but this weeks was the description of every day in my house, "Best Mad Face". If its not coming from Matt himself, its' from J.

So if you could so kindly take two seconds out of your time to vote for him...I'd love you forever. Really, I will. I might even cook you dinner.

Matt's First Vote For Me
and the second Vote For Matt

Just so you know...yes that is the miniest of me screaming his head off.

Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday

The day is still young
Bud Light waits for me at home
When will it be five

My mind is now blank
Haikus always make me think hard
This is what you get

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

I guess you wanna know?

Right here huh? I guess I'll do a little more about me.

I'm a single, working mom of two perfect angels...and if you believe that, I have an igloo to sell ya' in Arizona. I work full time for a sign company and love my job. They are a family owned business which really helps me when something is wrong with the kids.

My boys are 15 years, 9 months apart. Yeah, I wasn't thinking but I wouldn't give it up for the world.

Okay really...that's enough about me.

My Mini-Me
Remember when your mother would always tell you that when you have kids, she hopes they are just like you? Yeah, her curse worked on me. My 17 year old is a spitting image of me just in a male form, right down to the attitude. Makes for some fun times, lemme tell ya'. He big into his car, Black Mamba, and loves his photography. Most of the time you see him like this
Behind the camera. He's pretty good, if I say so myself.

And the Mini-Mini-Me
The miniest of me, you'll notice that I love to make up words, is my oops child. With almost 16 years between them, the boys are very much alike. J, as we call him, loves the attention of his brother. He's in daycare full time. Some may scoff at that but I gotta do what I gotta do. He loves it. Gets wonderful attention and is actually learning something. Most of the time you can catch him being goofy or running from his brother who always seems to have the camera in his face. Like this...

So for right now...that's about it. My life is a constant roller coaster so be sure to check back for the life of a single mom.