Thursday, April 17, 2008


This weeks theme is Vacation Places. It's supposed to be were you've been, were you've visited. I don't travel. With 2 big dogs, HA that's not an option. So I'm going to do a mixture of were I've been and were I want to go. Got it? Good =)

1. Landsford Shoals of the Catawba River, South Carolina My grandparents live about 20 minutes from the Catawba River. It's a wonderful, peaceful state park. Lots of things to do there. They have a great nature trail, 2 actually - one takes you right along the river and the other through the back woods.

Once a year, Memorial weekend, the spider lilies bloom. That's the only time. Makes for great moments that my oldest can capture on film (well digital).

2. Bangkok, Thailand I was only 14 when I went there to see my bio-dad. I loved it. I think I actually loved the fact that back then (don't know if its like that now) but Americans couldn't and weren't allowed to do anything. They couldn't drive so you had a Thai chauffeur. You had a maid, a teenagers best thing since sliced bread and she would cook! Could it get any better?

Now on to the "where I wanna go" list.....

florida keys
3. The Keys I live in Florida. I live 6 hours from the Keys. Do you think I've been there....that would be a big fat NO. My ex-AH has been...used to go every summer. Do you think he took me the first summer we were together? That would be another big fat NO.

Grand Canyon
4. The Grand Canyon This is another place in our wonderful US of A that I have not been. My oldest would love it.

5. Maine Now why wouldn't you want to go some place like that? 'Nuff said

Sanibel Island
6. Sanibel Island, FL I haven't been in years. This beach is gorgeous. Dr. Beach has named it a favorite beach before and I just wanna go and relax...not too much to ask is it?

7. Bora Bora Because I just love saying it =)

8. Jamaica I wanna be with one mon! Hopefully this will happen next spring. YAY!

Can you believe that I'm drawing a blank of where else I wanna go? That is very unusual for me. I'll be back later to finish my list.

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Anonymous said...

You will fall in love with Jamaica. We went for our honeymoon (Sandals resort) and it was so beautiful. I just wish there wasn't so much crime, we would move there :)

Anonymous said...

I've been to The Grand Canyon and Main, but that's it. Bora Bora is fun to say. :)