Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

The teen is finally getting the idea that it is extremely hard to cook, clean or just do about anything with a toddler hanging off your leg. Last night was no exception. Teen was watching his "car" videos and let the toddler sit on his lap.

021 copy

022 copy

004 copy

018 copy

019 copy

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekly Winners

December 21-27

I love taking pictures of this "couple"


Beer pong anyone?


A little explanation. The Toddler was throwing the beads around so the Teen decided that he was going to 'teach him a lesson' and hang them on the ceiling fan. The Toddler sat there for 10-15 minutes staring at them trying to figure out how to get them down.


For Christmas we finally got a 70- 300mm lens. I'm not sure who was more excited, me or the Teen. Be sure to head over and see his winners this week. He loves the lens!


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Friday, December 26, 2008

Yep...once again, it's all my fault

The week before Christmas, I decided that I was going to send my biological father a Christmas card. Still not sure why I did this, or even wanted to do it, but I did.

Well low and behold, I got a response. Sitting there yesterday reading this typed letter from my father, made me realize why I don't talk to him anymore.

Egotistical...that's it. One word.

The first paragraph goes on to say that he hasn't heard from me since my wedding to the soon to be ex-husband. He hasn't heard from me? Granted, my number has changed but my parents have lived in the same house for 18 years. I think if he really wanted to find me, he could of and would of.

This is the best though. He asked who J was. HA! If he would of looked at that picture hard enough, he could of seen who he was.

I mean really? Look at those boys...how could be not see who he was.

There was so much more to the letter that made me realize that there isn't a reason to talk to him. He's always been consumed in the wife's family that he doesn't realize that he has a daughter here. I'm sorry I didn't go on to a state college, or working at a huge liquor company in the promotions department or at a huge investment company doing very well. I've been busting my ass raising a child and then another child that you will never know.

What burns me even more about the whole thing, is not once in that letter did he ask how the Teen was. Didn't wish him a Merry Christmas, a 'when is he graduating', nothing.

Not that he'll read this but to answer your question Dad, Jacob is your second grandson that you'll probably never meet. Save that card Dad because it's the last one you'll ever get.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yes, I'm here to gloat

My teen is amazing. You better read this now because lately it's been few and far between.

Last week I was contact by a lady at the Clearwater Harbor magazine. It's a local magazine, about 6-7000 in circulation. She saw one of the teen's pictures from Clearwater Harbor and wanted to know if he had anything without a car in it. Within 2 days, Matt did.

I sent her about 20 pictures on Flickr and they narrowed it down to 3. I got this email today:

Lisa, can we get your permission to use #45? I will forward it to my graphic designer so she can insert it into our front cover. Just want to mention that I've written to the mayor to see if we can get him or another notable person on the front cover. If that doesn't work out, we'll put your photo on the front cover.

If we do get a person for the front cover, I will still include your short on a full page editorial we are going to write about pertaining to the new marina's that will overlook the harbor and bridge (relative to your shot!).
Please let me know how you would like to be credited. Also - include a photo of you so we can include it.
Thanks very much, I look forward to meeting you!
Juli Halifax
OMG!!! I'm so excited for him. This is now the second one he's gotten published. This is the picture they ended up choosing


So here's to hoping the mayor is a real jerk and doens't want to be on the cover. If you wanna head over to Matt and tell him how happy you are, you can find him here

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So I guess I'll be the better person...blah

A few weeks ago I was reading Mr. Lady's post about her dad. Everything I read made me think of the relationship that I have had with my sperm donor. Blah, blah don't be so harsh, you're thinking? Bull shit. Listen, I know I wasn't the perfect child, but he sure as hell didn't stick around to find out that I made my mother's life a living hell perfect.

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Good, I need a good road trip.

Dad moved to Thailand when I was about 12. Parents had already been divorced 10+ years and he married the wicked witch of Ohio. Dad was contracted over there so would only be there for 4-5 years. He came back, joy. When he came back, he went to Chicago, got an apartment until they could find a house. Four months he lived in that apartment. Then the day came that I found out I was pregnant. I called him. Do do do <~that would be that wonderful tone you hear when a number has been disconnected. Yeah, that one. He moved, changed number and didn't bother to tell his only daughter.

So moving on. I found him through yellow pages, calling the office and playing phone tag. Told him the wonderful news that he was going to be a grandparent. I know, not something that a 40 y/o wants to hear but hey, mom and step dad were dealing with it just fine. The words that came out of that man's mouth will stick in my head forever. "How am I going to tell my friends that my 17 y/o daughter is pregnant?" Father of the Year right there folks. Remind me to get the plaque done.

Let's not get a speeding ticket down this road and fast forward to '05. Wedding bells were in the air, we were trying to accommodate everyone, school schedules, vacations, etc. January, I call my dad to tell him that Ben and I were getting married and we had finally picked a date. When? March 5, we're going to do it on the boat blah blah blah. Then the words that were said were the last ones my dad said to me. "Sorry we can't come. We're going to Palm Springs the week before and can't take that much time off." Yep Dad, great. Nice to know. Bastard.

Here I was addressing Christmas cards and decided to pull up good ole' Dad. Sure enough, found the address. I sat, thinking, should I do it? Mind you he doesn't know about the toddler. Has no clue that he exists. Probably isn't even in his mind that his oldest grandson better will graduate in June.

So I did it. Christmas card went out in the mail with all the pictures on it. The family picture for this year. One of the boys, one of me and the toddler and one of the teen.

So now I sit on pins and needles. I think. Waiting. This outta be good.

Monday, December 15, 2008

So where do you draw the line?

I've been a single mom for 18 years. Even married I was a single mom. Don't worry this isn't a woe is me post but it could be.

Being a single mom sucks but sometimes it has it's advantages. I don't have to worry about someone under minding my athoriti. What I say goes. For the most part. I have the last word. Or I did until the teen decided that he wanted to see how far he could push mom voice his opinion.

But on the other hand it sucks. I just can't run to the store. I don't have that extra mouth, set of hands or whatever to help around the house.

First thing you're thinking is 'but you have a teenager'. When you get a teen, let me know how that works out. KTHX

So moving on. When I got laid off in May, getting a job was the hardest thing. I looked for hours on end, sent out countless resumes and spent all the time I could looking for a job. Thank heavens I had the help of my parents so I didn't have to pack up and run home with my tail tucked.

I decided that I was going to start the design site but like everything you start up, right now it's just paying for itself. I know it takes time but seriously, what happened to the dream of over-night success?

When I took the pictures of the Chris Cagle concert, I was given the opportunity to make some extra money taking pictures for The Round Up. Great but what this meant was me being out until 3am, paying a babysitter and dealing with the lack of sleep come the next morning. Bah, whatever, I can do this. The money was good enough that I would still make some after paying a sitter.

So why is it that I get shit from people because I'm trying to provide for my kids? Funny how, here I am busting my ass so my parents don't have to help me anymore and I get the looks like "oh, you're going to the bar" or "you're going out again?". If I was headed to a street corner selling crack, hey give me all the shit you want. I pay for a babysitter, I'm not earning the Mother of the Year award here but I am trying to provide for my kids.

I could go on and on but I think you get the drift, right? The next time a married, mother/father duo, or whatever tells me that I'm not doing what's right for my kids, or tells me how hard they have it...shove it.

Step into my shoes for a while and see how much you like being married or having that extra set of hands around.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekly Winners


I've packed up and moved on to bigger and better things.

Not really. Just the photo end of it. So head over to the new site to see the winners for this week.

Click \/ that and it'll take you to my new home. BUT don't forget to go to Lotus's too

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Photo Hunt

Today is photo hunt day. Just a reminder that all photo posts are now at the new site. Yeah, I love to make things difficult for everyone, not just the kids.

So you can head over there to see what my favorites are.

Lisa Otto Photography

Remember to bookmark it, reader it or do whatever you feel necessary.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well crap - I did it

The first of a few things that is.

Self hosting. Do you do it? Do you not do it? That is the question. Judith does it. Rachel just did it. Lotus does it. Mishelle does it. See where I'm going with this? I feel like I'm dragging on the coat tails of these women.

Eh. But I did it anyways. I went self hosting. I went over to Word Press and started my photography site.

So far can I say that I LOVE IT?!?!? Tough shit, I said it. From here on out, all photo posts (Wordless Wednesday, Weekly Winners and anything else that I decide to throw in there) will be over there.

I'm going to actually try and blog from here. Oh the horror.

So watch out world....I'm a self hoster now. Oh, that sounds dirty.

Oh hell, you probably need the link don't you? Bookmark it, reader it, do what ever you seem fit with it but remember it's there. It's obviously a work in progress so don't be too judgmental when you first get there. xthaxbai

Lisa Otto Photo

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, December 8, 2008

The man of both of our dreams

December is just full of holidays, birthdays and anniversaries in our family. But today is really the day that made me the happiest.

Eighteen years ago my mom married the man of both of our dreams.

My parents divorced when I was about 3. I went from my mom's, to my dad's (which probably scarred me for life - remind me to thank him later for that), back to my mom's and then it all happened. A blind date that has now been twenty years later.

My step dad swept her off her feet. He treated her how she needed to be treated. He treated me like a daughter. Through the highs, the lows, the pregnancy that brought his first grandson into the world, the trials that I would force upon the both of them (I was so not a perfect child) and nothing stopped him from wanting to be my mom's husband, my father and a grandpa.

My mom needed someone that was going to treat her how she needed to be treated, to love her, honor her and cherish her. She found that in my dad.

He's never once yelled at me, just let me know that we will all get through it.

He's never once raised his voice to me, just kindly told me how much of an idiot I'd been.

He's always told me how much he's loved all of us.

He married a mother/daughter duo that would make most men run for the hills. He took on a wife and a not-so-perfect teenager. Here we are eighteen years later and memories to last a life time. I'll never forget at their reception when he said something perfect..."On this day I gained a wife, a daughter, a grandchild and went broke."

I love the both of you with all my heart.

Happy anniversary to my parents


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners
November 30 - December 6

Thursday we left for South Carolina for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. It is a drive that I wouldn't wish upon my worse enemy, at least not with a toddler and a teenager.
But thanks to this....we made it through some of it.


He was like this for about an hour of the trip


So while the little one was dealing with Mikey, I torture the oldest with a little of this


I don't do cold very well. It goes below 70 and I'm in layers. So when I got up Saturday morning and it was 27, I thought I was going to freeze to death. I would never make it back to Florida.

They didn't seem to mind the cold

But it was worth getting this picture

And to live by these words

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Friday, December 5, 2008

1 Cars, 2 Mikey's and 4 Scooby Doo's later

We are in South Carolina. Can I tell you that driving with a teenager and a toddler SUCKS? I really don't care, I'm telling you anyways.

Let me point out a few things for you.

No matter how many times you let the toddler watch a movie on your laptop, it still isn't enough.

No matter how good you say your child is in the car....you're wrong! They have that inner know-all that it's not a short trip to the store. They know you are going to be in the car for hours on end and that there is a teenager driving that won't stop so you must pee in a bottle or move quick when he's getting gas, so the toddler is going to scream, bitch and moan until you make every little attempt to fool them into thinking you are letting them out of the car seat.

No matter how much you think your teenager isn't a lead foot....they are. Blue and white lights don't look good at any speed.

Nine hours and thirteen minutes on Google Maps means eight hours and fifteen minutes in teen time.

No matter how much you think you can pack in a car, you can't. You either run out of room, it's just out of arms reach or you just can't shove anything else into any corner of the car.

Did you know there are places in the car that you've never seen? There are and that is exactly where the binky goes when it's 2 hours past the toddlers bed time and he's refuses to sleep.

So I've made it through the first part of the torture only to have to turn around and do it again on Sunday.

I think I need more than one drink.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

60 years seems like an eternity

December 4, 1948.

60 years ago. One girl snuck out of the house and married the man that she would move up and down the east coast with, have three children with, watch four grand kids come into the world, two great-grand kids, weddings, divorces and all the memories in between.

Did she ever think on that day, she would be here 60 years later celebrating with family and friends? Probably.

My grandmother. The one that would help my mother raise me. Watch me go through all the lovely pre-teen years and the headaches I caused her. She's full of life, love and you can always count of her to be there for you...no matter where you are.

I hate the fact that we are 700 miles away and she can't watch my kids grow up the way she watched me. I hate the fact that Parkinson's is effecting her ability to do the simplest things like sign a birthday card for her great-grandchildren. But that doesn't get her down. She's still active in her church, walks a mile or more in the mornings and is always willing to have the whole family invade her house on holidays.

And my grandfather.

How he would toture me with the endless jokes, stories about every bridge he built in West Virginia, hearing the same story over and over again but yet he was always willing to let me help in the garden, play ball with me or just let me sit on his lap.

He's still on the go every day. Still has a garden and now tortures my oldest with the endless stories. Something that I wouldn't trade for the world. He's got about as much energy as the youngest and I don't know where he gets it from.

60 years ago today, they eloped. Agaist both parents wishes they made the decision that they were going to spend the rest of their life together. Here we are celebrating what could of never been.

The card I made for the anniversary party

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! I love you with all my heart!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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A little "in motion". Headed to The Round Up to get shots of a bunch of grown men (and women) playing dodgeball. I will have to say that it's quite funny.




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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Guess he doesn't read my blog

<~~See that disclaimer over there? Yeah, that one that says if you do something stupid you'll more than likely end up here? Yeah...that one.

Well folks, we have another winner.

Today is the day of MBWTHOAFTWTTSINDS* day. So therefore, I'm sitting on MySpace, cruising through blogs (oh, if you haven't read
Crystal's yet today, it's highly recommended and then head to Judith's because she just spoke the truth) and just all around goofing off when this happens in my little in box at MySpace.

how are you doing i am mr samuel from usa texas and i am in the state of beaumont as i came accros your profile i really like that of you so i decided to join you to know more about eachother anb i need real love that i will like to marry i am single for 5years now and i want my world to be soo sweet world for me couz since we got divorced i cant even fined and love in me but for now i reall want me real partener in my life pls babe as you are same like to i will like to know more abou you so we can reall and i am ready for you and what ever you will like to see from you i will any time you need me i will come to you and i will make sue we reall fight for love that is realy love babe you are so pretty and i cant tell what othr name i will say to you soo beautiful and pretty i came accros many people but i really came to only you and i will reall and i like to be with you soo and know more but babe pls i will like to have ur yahoo,essanger or your msn so we can chat to knwo more this is my pharacey_1@yahoo.com and my msn is samueladdo1990@live.com so babe i live you with real love and peace take crae and staybless bye

Let's break this down shall we?

He's Mr. Samuel from USA Texas. Is there another TX that I'm unaware of? Oh but wait. There's a state of Beaumont. So now we have 51 states? Dammit, did Obama win that one too?

He came across my profile and he likes that of me? And he wants to marry me? I know you can get in trouble for multiple wives but husbands? This one seems like a real winner.

He wants a real partener. Is that sort of like a mountaineer? Or a volunteer?

I need him. Really? Because the last time I checked, I needed new batteries, not another man.

He can tell I'm so pretty. This one is great because this is the picture that is on my MySpace profile.


So I wonder if it's all a lie? I mean just like a man right? He's in love with my best friend. Oh the horror (Opey I know your going to read this so now you know, he doesn't love me...he loves you)

Now can someone get me a drink please? I think I might be traveling to the state of Beaumont.

*my boss went to Houston on a fling to watch the Texan's so I'm not doing shit

Monday, December 1, 2008

So they really are the girls next door

One of my guilty pleasures shows that I watch is 'The Girls Next Door'. Why? I have no clue. I think it's just like a car wreck and you just have to watch.

Kendra...I hate her. Her laugh makes me want to reach through the screen and smack the ever loving shit out of her.

Bridgette...well, I can take or leave her. Although she does remind me of that whiny brat that would sit next to you in biology class.

Then there is the true girlfriend. Good ole' Holly. She is a little ditsy but for the most part, she's the only one that I can stand. She is was involved in the daily routine of the magazine, worked on photo editing, etc. So this shows she's at least got some type of head on her shoulders.

So last night was the season premiere or whatever. This was the 55th Playmate anniversary one. This is the one that did it all. Broke up Holly and Hef. Go figure. A 70-something with a 20-something. Yeah, that was to last forever.

Holy cow, I'm so sidetracking here. Anyways, I was watching the episode last night, the oldest goofin' off on Supra Forums, and there come the twins. The ones that kicked Holly to the curb. The ones that took Hef's heart.

The oldest turns to me and says "Oh yeah, those are the ones that we were hanging out with." WHA?!?! Hold up! You were doing what?!

"Yeah, they always used to hang out with us at suchandsuch's apt. Kalee (his girlfriend) sent me a text right after they went out to CA and told me who they were." My response to that...."Umm wha?!"

So there I sat, astonished, amazed and thinking 'wow, their parents must be so proud.' Now I started to rethink who my kid hangs out with. He tried to reassure me that they were just hanging out but went on to tell me that one of his good friends had a "fling" with one of them. Which one? Does it matter? They are now spreading their va-jay-jays all over the pages of a pinup magazine.

And the best part of it all....they are 18. So much better than the 20-something.

Yeah, their parents must be proud.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekly Winners

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November 23 - 29

This turkey will haunt him in his dreams. But isn't this why we had kids? To torture?

I'm such a mean mom....I wouldn't let him have the carving knife

UGH It's that time of year

Florida doesn't have fall...we have dead



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Photo Hunt



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Friday, November 28, 2008

WooHoo it's a Haiku

haiku button

Haiku Friday
Today's theme....my own ('cuz I'm special like that)

Never would do it
But I conquered it today
Black Friday I won

Up at 5 am
Out the door at 6am
Done by 8 am

Shopping is 'bout done
Can not believe I did it
Next year done online

Happy late T-Day
Hope you had a thankful one
Leftovers all day

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

My oldest has always had a learning problem. It was called the Idon'twanttopayattentionthereistoomuchotherstuffbetterthanschool. Got that? Yeah, well this is his senior year. He's really got to push himself, apply himself, in other words, GET HIS CRAP TOGETHER senior year.

He's been doing great! I am so proud of him.


report card

Now if he would of just started this in the ninth grade, he would have an easy senior year instead of pushing himself so hard.

I will be having a graduation party in June even if I have to hire some kid for the graduate.

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