Thursday, December 4, 2008

60 years seems like an eternity

December 4, 1948.

60 years ago. One girl snuck out of the house and married the man that she would move up and down the east coast with, have three children with, watch four grand kids come into the world, two great-grand kids, weddings, divorces and all the memories in between.

Did she ever think on that day, she would be here 60 years later celebrating with family and friends? Probably.

My grandmother. The one that would help my mother raise me. Watch me go through all the lovely pre-teen years and the headaches I caused her. She's full of life, love and you can always count of her to be there for matter where you are.

I hate the fact that we are 700 miles away and she can't watch my kids grow up the way she watched me. I hate the fact that Parkinson's is effecting her ability to do the simplest things like sign a birthday card for her great-grandchildren. But that doesn't get her down. She's still active in her church, walks a mile or more in the mornings and is always willing to have the whole family invade her house on holidays.

And my grandfather.

How he would toture me with the endless jokes, stories about every bridge he built in West Virginia, hearing the same story over and over again but yet he was always willing to let me help in the garden, play ball with me or just let me sit on his lap.

He's still on the go every day. Still has a garden and now tortures my oldest with the endless stories. Something that I wouldn't trade for the world. He's got about as much energy as the youngest and I don't know where he gets it from.

60 years ago today, they eloped. Agaist both parents wishes they made the decision that they were going to spend the rest of their life together. Here we are celebrating what could of never been.

The card I made for the anniversary party

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! I love you with all my heart!

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Qweenie said...

Applause *sniff, sniff*

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Lisa! Both the card and the sentiment!

Jewels said...

Awwww!! That was so sweet! And the card turned out GREAT!!

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Mommy Renaud said...

you are too good I wish you would write a book but ill settle for the blog for now you can write the book when were in the nursing home.