Monday, December 15, 2008

So where do you draw the line?

I've been a single mom for 18 years. Even married I was a single mom. Don't worry this isn't a woe is me post but it could be.

Being a single mom sucks but sometimes it has it's advantages. I don't have to worry about someone under minding my athoriti. What I say goes. For the most part. I have the last word. Or I did until the teen decided that he wanted to see how far he could push mom voice his opinion.

But on the other hand it sucks. I just can't run to the store. I don't have that extra mouth, set of hands or whatever to help around the house.

First thing you're thinking is 'but you have a teenager'. When you get a teen, let me know how that works out. KTHX

So moving on. When I got laid off in May, getting a job was the hardest thing. I looked for hours on end, sent out countless resumes and spent all the time I could looking for a job. Thank heavens I had the help of my parents so I didn't have to pack up and run home with my tail tucked.

I decided that I was going to start the design site but like everything you start up, right now it's just paying for itself. I know it takes time but seriously, what happened to the dream of over-night success?

When I took the pictures of the Chris Cagle concert, I was given the opportunity to make some extra money taking pictures for The Round Up. Great but what this meant was me being out until 3am, paying a babysitter and dealing with the lack of sleep come the next morning. Bah, whatever, I can do this. The money was good enough that I would still make some after paying a sitter.

So why is it that I get shit from people because I'm trying to provide for my kids? Funny how, here I am busting my ass so my parents don't have to help me anymore and I get the looks like "oh, you're going to the bar" or "you're going out again?". If I was headed to a street corner selling crack, hey give me all the shit you want. I pay for a babysitter, I'm not earning the Mother of the Year award here but I am trying to provide for my kids.

I could go on and on but I think you get the drift, right? The next time a married, mother/father duo, or whatever tells me that I'm not doing what's right for my kids, or tells me how hard they have it...shove it.

Step into my shoes for a while and see how much you like being married or having that extra set of hands around.

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Jewels said...

Umm...I'm married but I don't have those extra hands. I'm sorry hon. I know I tease cuz you get out in that real world but you know it's just that. And you are doing the best you can given the shitty circumstances. Don't worry about the other asses talking junk. Perhaps they are just jealous because you are doing this well BY YOURSELF and they suck together. **HUGS**

Anonymous said...

Damn the people who give you shit!! I'm proud of you, sweetie, for doing as well as you've done with your kids!

Jewels is right. You just keep doing what you've been doing!

**More HUGS**

tiarastantrums said...

oh - RIGHT on sister - you still are a WOMAN - not just a mom!!

Rachel said...

Sorry Lisa.
I think you're awesome and you know what? They just don't know.
I think you're a freaking rockstar.
so there!

Qweenie said...

My mom had a day job (the Air force) and a night job (tending bar) trying to keep me and her afloat for many years and she did a great job at it, hell I never even knew she was gone at the bar tending job because I was in bed, asleep.....just like J.

You are an awesome mom just for the sheer fact that you are doing what you can to care for those kids alone.Plus you're teaching them both that sometimes one job just won't pay the bills, (and let's face it that is a reality) and that in your family when the going gets tough the tough keep going.

You are an inspiration! And hey the fact that you get to do something you actually enjoy is just icing on the cake!

I love ya girl, keep up the good work!!

Lisa said...

Thanks guys :)

It's just funny how no matter what you do to help your family, you always have that one person, or multiple people giving you crap for it.

I know it's not the best thing in the world but it puts food on the table.

Mommy Renaud said...

I love you and I told you what I think! KISSES

Unknown said...

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