Monday, December 1, 2008

So they really are the girls next door

One of my guilty pleasures shows that I watch is 'The Girls Next Door'. Why? I have no clue. I think it's just like a car wreck and you just have to watch.

Kendra...I hate her. Her laugh makes me want to reach through the screen and smack the ever loving shit out of her.

Bridgette...well, I can take or leave her. Although she does remind me of that whiny brat that would sit next to you in biology class.

Then there is the true girlfriend. Good ole' Holly. She is a little ditsy but for the most part, she's the only one that I can stand. She is was involved in the daily routine of the magazine, worked on photo editing, etc. So this shows she's at least got some type of head on her shoulders.

So last night was the season premiere or whatever. This was the 55th Playmate anniversary one. This is the one that did it all. Broke up Holly and Hef. Go figure. A 70-something with a 20-something. Yeah, that was to last forever.

Holy cow, I'm so sidetracking here. Anyways, I was watching the episode last night, the oldest goofin' off on Supra Forums, and there come the twins. The ones that kicked Holly to the curb. The ones that took Hef's heart.

The oldest turns to me and says "Oh yeah, those are the ones that we were hanging out with." WHA?!?! Hold up! You were doing what?!

"Yeah, they always used to hang out with us at suchandsuch's apt. Kalee (his girlfriend) sent me a text right after they went out to CA and told me who they were." My response to that...."Umm wha?!"

So there I sat, astonished, amazed and thinking 'wow, their parents must be so proud.' Now I started to rethink who my kid hangs out with. He tried to reassure me that they were just hanging out but went on to tell me that one of his good friends had a "fling" with one of them. Which one? Does it matter? They are now spreading their va-jay-jays all over the pages of a pinup magazine.

And the best part of it all....they are 18. So much better than the 20-something.

Yeah, their parents must be proud.

3 have this to say:

Jewels said...

Um...Wow! Words escape me at the moment. But if those were my kids.....well, you know. LOL

Anonymous said...

Um. . .

Words are not coming for this!

And Matt?? Who in the hell is he hanging out with?!?

Their parents must be so proud. *insert lots of eye rolls here*

*mumbles under breath*
18 y/o girls w/ a 70 y/o man. IDIOTS!! The lot of them!

tiarastantrums said...

I love girls next door too - MY HUBs hates when I watch it!!

as for the other - WOOOW