Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Guess he doesn't read my blog

<~~See that disclaimer over there? Yeah, that one that says if you do something stupid you'll more than likely end up here? Yeah...that one.

Well folks, we have another winner.

Today is the day of MBWTHOAFTWTTSINDS* day. So therefore, I'm sitting on MySpace, cruising through blogs (oh, if you haven't read
Crystal's yet today, it's highly recommended and then head to Judith's because she just spoke the truth) and just all around goofing off when this happens in my little in box at MySpace.

how are you doing i am mr samuel from usa texas and i am in the state of beaumont as i came accros your profile i really like that of you so i decided to join you to know more about eachother anb i need real love that i will like to marry i am single for 5years now and i want my world to be soo sweet world for me couz since we got divorced i cant even fined and love in me but for now i reall want me real partener in my life pls babe as you are same like to i will like to know more abou you so we can reall and i am ready for you and what ever you will like to see from you i will any time you need me i will come to you and i will make sue we reall fight for love that is realy love babe you are so pretty and i cant tell what othr name i will say to you soo beautiful and pretty i came accros many people but i really came to only you and i will reall and i like to be with you soo and know more but babe pls i will like to have ur yahoo,essanger or your msn so we can chat to knwo more this is my pharacey_1@yahoo.com and my msn is samueladdo1990@live.com so babe i live you with real love and peace take crae and staybless bye

Let's break this down shall we?

He's Mr. Samuel from USA Texas. Is there another TX that I'm unaware of? Oh but wait. There's a state of Beaumont. So now we have 51 states? Dammit, did Obama win that one too?

He came across my profile and he likes that of me? And he wants to marry me? I know you can get in trouble for multiple wives but husbands? This one seems like a real winner.

He wants a real partener. Is that sort of like a mountaineer? Or a volunteer?

I need him. Really? Because the last time I checked, I needed new batteries, not another man.

He can tell I'm so pretty. This one is great because this is the picture that is on my MySpace profile.


So I wonder if it's all a lie? I mean just like a man right? He's in love with my best friend. Oh the horror (Opey I know your going to read this so now you know, he doesn't love me...he loves you)

Now can someone get me a drink please? I think I might be traveling to the state of Beaumont.

*my boss went to Houston on a fling to watch the Texan's so I'm not doing shit

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Mommy Renaud said...

Oh Lord all mighty I have fans from all over gods green earth, just like any other man I know....I need them They fall in love WAY to fast *must be my charm and unforgettable wit* Hey bet he doesnt know I have 2 screaming bratty children (whom i love) a mtg I cant pay an assload of debt oh not to mention a permanent fixture on my couch the kids call daddy! Oh the joy he would have if I had him!!! Off to Beaumont I go! Is that above texas?

Jewels said...

Beaumont State? That must be that little speck right above Texas and below that umm other one, LOL

Oh but he wants you don't ya know. Teeheeeeeeeeeee

Qweenie said...


Eternal Sunshine said...

Hmm - I'm in USA Texas, too – but I am not familiar with the state of Beaumont.

This is the funniest (funny-pathetic, not funny-haha) thing I have seen all day.

But, he will FIGHT for your love.

I seriously think I threw up in my mouth a little

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahahaha. Who knows... he might really be a hot rich guy in disguise.

Mommy Renaud said...

Still looking for the state of Beaumont im on the road can someone mapquest it for me?