Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well crap - I did it

The first of a few things that is.

Self hosting. Do you do it? Do you not do it? That is the question. Judith does it. Rachel just did it. Lotus does it. Mishelle does it. See where I'm going with this? I feel like I'm dragging on the coat tails of these women.

Eh. But I did it anyways. I went self hosting. I went over to Word Press and started my photography site.

So far can I say that I LOVE IT?!?!? Tough shit, I said it. From here on out, all photo posts (Wordless Wednesday, Weekly Winners and anything else that I decide to throw in there) will be over there.

I'm going to actually try and blog from here. Oh the horror.

So watch out world....I'm a self hoster now. Oh, that sounds dirty.

Oh hell, you probably need the link don't you? Bookmark it, reader it, do what ever you seem fit with it but remember it's there. It's obviously a work in progress so don't be too judgmental when you first get there. xthaxbai

Lisa Otto Photo

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Lisa said...

Good job on going independently with hosting. I'm using Wordpress myself and it's fabulous but painful at the same time when you run into bugs. Even though I have a techie background, php isn't my forte and truthfully, the technicaly stuff does get rather tedious, but it's worth it!!

carmilevy said...

I'm deeply impressed - with the site AND your initiative.

I've reserved my own domain, but need to figure out all the design and hosting steps. I don't even know where to begin!

Time to study up, I guess!