Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yes, I'm here to gloat

My teen is amazing. You better read this now because lately it's been few and far between.

Last week I was contact by a lady at the Clearwater Harbor magazine. It's a local magazine, about 6-7000 in circulation. She saw one of the teen's pictures from Clearwater Harbor and wanted to know if he had anything without a car in it. Within 2 days, Matt did.

I sent her about 20 pictures on Flickr and they narrowed it down to 3. I got this email today:

Lisa, can we get your permission to use #45? I will forward it to my graphic designer so she can insert it into our front cover. Just want to mention that I've written to the mayor to see if we can get him or another notable person on the front cover. If that doesn't work out, we'll put your photo on the front cover.

If we do get a person for the front cover, I will still include your short on a full page editorial we are going to write about pertaining to the new marina's that will overlook the harbor and bridge (relative to your shot!).
Please let me know how you would like to be credited. Also - include a photo of you so we can include it.
Thanks very much, I look forward to meeting you!
Juli Halifax
OMG!!! I'm so excited for him. This is now the second one he's gotten published. This is the picture they ended up choosing


So here's to hoping the mayor is a real jerk and doens't want to be on the cover. If you wanna head over to Matt and tell him how happy you are, you can find him here

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Jewels said...

WTG Mama! You have every right to gloat as much as you want!!

The Leaves of Tarkong said...

OMG!!! i am so happy for you, guys! i hope my son gets to be real pro, too. at this time, he is addicted to having me take shots of him. LOL

btw, the picture is really wonderful!!!

Copper's Fox said...

Absolutely beautiful pic! You are allowed to have a few buttons pop off in pride over that one! Congrats!

Copper's Fox said...

TAG! I'm tagging you to post 7 weird random fact-lets about yourself... see my post for rules and for my 7 things... (also, FYI, Eternal Sunshine's 7 things we're great too - she tagged me).


tiarastantrums said...


Anonymous said...


I found your blog via You are a hoot!! The teen's work is awesome. Just an old man over in Daytona but he is good. Oh, I am glad they finally got that bridge finished!!

Keep up the great blog.


Anonymous said...

Why thank ya' sir :) Yeah, we watched that damn bridge forever. Made for shitty traffic getting out to the beach. They've changed a lot over that way, wish I got out there more.