Friday, April 11, 2008

Pimp My Son

I love to pimp out the me goose bumps and all. Actually this pimping is just for someone to go vote.

As you can see by that ~~> linky over there (240 Photo) and by the slide show down there, my oldest loves to take pictures. Last year, against my greater finaicail budget, I bought him a Canon XTI. He's put it to great use because I would never have the photos that I have now. He's got an amazing eye for photography. Thanks to him, Ms. Shakespeare herself went and start on this photog adventure.

So I stumbled across this site, They do fun, weekly and bi-weekly photo contests. I usually don't enter him in all of them but this weeks was the description of every day in my house, "Best Mad Face". If its not coming from Matt himself, its' from J.

So if you could so kindly take two seconds out of your time to vote for him...I'd love you forever. Really, I will. I might even cook you dinner.

Matt's First Vote For Me
and the second Vote For Matt

Just so you know...yes that is the miniest of me screaming his head off.

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Qweenie said...

I voted already!!