Friday, April 18, 2008

Conversations with a 17 year old

Bringing this one back for

Not a real conversation. Are you kidding me? Lately mine consist of text messages. Between his school and work schedule and my schedule, I'm lucky I see him for 10 minutes a day. This morning was no different.

Sitting in the pediatrician's office for J's check up I receive a text from the oldest. It turned into a full blown conversation during his history class. Why he wasn't paying and you will see.

"Mom we Arnt doin shit in my classes and we are watchin movies can i get a sick pass and leave? Im so hungary"
(Please know that I am writing AS IS - I'm so proud (sarcasm here)

"You are kidding me right?"

"Please it wont be against me im dying in hungary with no moola"

"Great Matt but no"

The following all came in one right after another which just in turned aggravated me even more
"I have cramps"

"Tummy hurts"
"Do the right thing"

"I'm at the doctor with your brother. Stop it"

"I think he got me sick too let me go"

"Good try, he's not sick. Just a check up & again stop"

"Come on i don't want to sit here"

"I sit at work with nothing to do some times deal with it"

"Dammit mom why are you hard headed"

"Cuz I love you"

"LOL if you had to sit here and not do anything you would want to leave too"

"I do that at work. I love you"

"You make money"

"Doesn't matter. Suck it up."

"If I miss it just has to be excused"

"Thats not happening and don't forget I love you"

He hates when I do therefore that means that my job is done =)

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i loved that!!

AEH said...

LOL! I love all the "I love you"s at the end of each NO. That's awesome. I'll have to remember that.

Tara R. said...

I can so relate to this.. I have a 15yo and 19yo and my conversations with the oldest (now at college) used to almost entirely occur thru texts. This had me laughing and nodding the whole time.