Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another networking site...just what I need

How many sites can one person keep up with before she's hugging herself forever? Well let's count them. My MySpace, Mommy Matter, Tree Frog Customs, Tree Frog's MySpace, my original design site, my son's photography blog, CafeMom (which I will say is there purely for entertainment purposes only), my Craig's List ads and here. So should we add one more for to see how long I'm begging for the hugging jacket to be overnighted? Sure.

Judith, love her dearly, told me to PLURK her. Huh? You want me to do what? Plurk you? Well, I'm really not that way but you know I had to try it. I will have to say, I now hold that secret grudge against her for making me do it. And yes, she made me.

So to all my readers....PLURK you! This is my final warning. It's a little odd at first but oddly cool at the same time. You get sucked in, and quick.

Now this has really cut into my Plurking time, so I have to go. See you there :)
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Rachel said...

How adorable is your page! I love it!
I know, I just got on Plurk and it's so addictive! Just what I needed.
I had no idea you had a blog!!
I love it.