Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mass emails...Do you ignore them?

I constantly get the mass emails. FWD: this is the best picture ever, FWD: the prayer will save your life, or FWD: send this to 10 friends. Over and over in the inbox. Friday was no exception. Mom send me one title FWD: Mosquito Spray...Worth a try. Mmmmk, I'll see what it says.

We have been attacked by the killer mosquitoes the last 3-4 weeks here. They are taking over the backyard and I'm not happy about it. The other morning J went outside to get his truck and BAM, 2 bites on his thigh. I mean seriously bugs, can't you find another yard to infest? The fish in the pond are no help. I guess when you feed your fish on a regular basis, they won't eat the larva of the skeeter. Hmph, learn some thing new every day.

So on to the e-mail. Mom sends me the before mentioned e-mail. I start reading it and I see
this picture. Seriously? You want my skeeters to have fresh breath? All while fighting plaque and gingivitis? Ummm sure ya' do.

After being outside for less than 10 minutes later on that night, getting bit another 400 times, it was time to give the skeeters fresh breath. What would it hurt? I grab a spray bottle, fill it and do as instructed by the e-mail. Holy carp (yes, carp)! Within 5-10 minutes there wasn't a little vermin in sight.

J was able to play outside for at least another 30-45 minutes, I watered all the flowers (then Mother Nature watered them again an hour later) and all bite free. I couldn't believe it.

So there is your PSA for the weekend. So maybe I'll scan those unwanted e-mails from now on before I automatically send them to the trash bin.

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Shirley said...

HA! That's fantastic, I'll have to try it sometime soon. Thanks for passing on this info.

Kerri said...


I think I'll try this, but need to get some first. At CVS of course!

Unknown said...

We live in the swamp... seriously... South Florida. I'm going to have to try this.