Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A word to Mother Nature

You just knew didn't you? You knew that this week was the week that J was starting 3 days a week at the daycare instead of full time? Do you really think that a full day of thunderstorms is something that I want to deal with? A toddler, locked in the house all day telling the rain "go way" is really not my idea of fun.

I had it all planned out last night. We were going to have a day at the beach since it's not so crowded during the week, we were going to run in the sand, play in the water but no. You had to let it all loose this morning about 4am and you haven't stopped yet.

I would like to thank you Ma' Nature for ruining my day. I know just to bite me in the ass, you will make it an absolutely beautiful day tomorrow when J goes back to school.

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Sorry sweetie :(