Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here...by popular demand

On my normal internet home, Mommy Matter, I wrote about the lovely animals that I have invading my pond. Well, by popular demand, I am bringing it here for the world to see. So without further ado...I bring you...


Last night I decided to take the laptop on the back porch, drink my iced tea and surf the net. Get everything together and head out there. Within 2 minutes I hear this ungodly noise. I mean a screeching that is just indescribable. Of course, no one was home. J was in bed and here I am sitting there, by myself with whatever is making this noise.

So what do I do. I call Jewels. Jewels answer the phone
. "OMG Jewels...listen to this." I put the phone on speaker and the screeching begins. Next thing I know, Jewels is laughing uncontrollably. Yea, thanks for the encouragement that nothing is going to come out of the dark depths of my yard and eat me. Next thing I know, she's got me on speaker phone so her sister can hear my "friends". Now both of them are laughing at me. So with Jewels on the phone...we go hunting together.

Now if y'all remember when we tore up the small pond and put the bigger one in, we had a little friend. Well, he wasn't little, he was pretty big but here I am assuming that is what it's going to be. So I grab the solar spotlight and start looking. Nothing. Moving plants around...nothing. Can't find a damn frog anywhere. I head back to the porch. No more than I sit down and he starts with the calls again only this time....there is a different tone. We now have a high pitched croak and a low pitched croak. OMG he's multiplying right here...in my pond!
What do I do....go grab the camera and Jewels comes with me on my frog hunt once again. Only this time...success! Here is my little friend that has been making babies in m
y pond.

See his little throat all poofed up? I tried like hell to get the shot when he was all poofed but when I was too close he wouldn't croak. Just like a damn man. And now his girlfriend....

So here I am for at least 1/2 hour spying on the frogs. Then all of a sudden he lunges at her and tries to jump on her. "OMG Jewels (yes, she was still on the phone) I've got them fornicating in my pond!" I couldn't get the camera at them fast enough. She wasn't having it though. She dropped him like a hot potato.

They proceeded to make their little mating calls until at least midnight. Mind you all of this started about 9:30. I laid in bed just listening through a sliding glass door, down at least 20 feet, through my bedroom to my ears.

What great music to fall asleep to.

4 have this to say:

Anonymous said...

We have one living in our yard too this year, first time ever. They could be brothers.

AnnetteK said...

Very cool, I love frogs! They're a sign of a healthy environment, so I guess they like your pond.

Lisa said...

LOL Then I guess we have a healthy environment. They are definitely telling me (on a nightly basis) that they have squatters rights

Karen said...

That is a pretty funny post. The second shot is so clear. Good job!