Thursday, September 4, 2008

Coinkidink or a sign?

My father had a good friend, Victor, that was a gem to our family. He was funny, light hearted and probably the most stubborn man you would ever meet all at the same time. On August 31, 2001, he passed. Something that our family never expected. They suspected he had a massive heart attack while taking his Sunday morning nap and never woke up. My father found him the next day, Labor Day.
While cleaning out his apartment, he had this clock that I loved. I've had it since he passed and it's always been Victor's Clock.

When we moved recently, we found the perfect spot on the entertainment center where it is the center of attention. The clock has never kept time. It would wind but would loose time and stop within 12 hours. Never thought about getting it fixed due to the fact that the "dinging" drove me crazy.

On Sunday, mom came over to help with some things. Little One had found the key so I thought "hey, let's see if it winds." So I did. Here I sit 4 days later, the clock still going. Still ticking. No ding, but it's still keeping time.

I'm really not sure how to think of all this. 7 year luck? Is it Victor telling me that he likes where I put the clock? I don't know. But I do know that Sunday was the 7 year anniversary of Victor's death.

Now that makes me think.

3 have this to say:

Fiesty said...

Hmmm...absolutely something to think about. It's a beautiful clock and I think it's in the right hands.

Jewels said...

Guess it's just one of the mysteries that will never be figured out. Maybe in 7 more years the ding will work. Now that would be something.

Rachel said...

It's a beautiful clock and I definitely think it's a sign of approval.
So sweet.