Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't have anything? Work with what ya' got

We moved into this house a little over 3 weeks ago. For some reason, I'm notorious at making sure the outside of my house is "cool" looking. Just don't come inside ;) With no job (shameless plug right here), you can only work with what you have, right?

Thank heavens with this house, I had a fairly good foundation to work with. We relocated the pond that we had at the previous house. Found a perfect spot for it and there was a "slab" of patio stones currently here.

When we moved, it was sort of a "What are we going to do with that?" See below. We kind of threw everything on top of it until we got moved in and for the most part, settled. After accessing the situation, all I could think of is that we were going to have to remove all the stones, reset them so we had a more even patio.

IMG_8992 copy

After dropping off Little Man at daycare yesterday, a few minutes of Plurking, a few resumes sent out, I knew it was time to tackle this project. Perfect day, not too hot, wind blowing thanks to Ike and motivation (the most important part).

After really looking at it, I realized I didn't need to tear up the whole thing, only a few blocks needed to be pulled up, ground leveled, and I was good to go. About 15-20 blocks later, moving the fire pit, planting Plumeras, relocating the grill....I achieved it! Done.

IMG_8993 copy

IMG_8998 copy

Funny how things look when you just clean them up. No money was spent, just a little sweat equity. I love the final outcome. I might spend about $6 to get some perennials to plant but other than that, I think I'm very happy with how everything turned out.

Can't wait for the Little Man's birthday in 5 weeks so I can show off my back yard

5 have this to say:

Fiesty said...

It looks amazing! You rock...maybe you could go into landscaping. LOL

Anonymous said...

hey...i'm impressed!! it looks awesome!!! i'm coming over to hang out there!
by the way...a few minutes of plurking? surely you weren't able to keep track of time!! bwahahahahaha!!

Jewels said...

That looks absolutely awesome! Wanna come help me with my backyard?? :-)

Qweenie said...


Seriously, wanna come help me?? Hubby has no ambition and I could use the help....

It looks awesome!!

KJ said...

Wow, that is awesome. Seriously, I needed to see this today. We're about to spend another weekend day looking for a new house and the affordable ones are so depressing from the outside that I could cry... and maybe I have a little, but I'm not telling. I never even thought of putting down stones to create a patio. Very cool.