Thursday, November 6, 2008

All I need are boots

I guess along with my old age, comes more insanity. Whodathunk it? I torture put myself through things that a normal human being wouldn't. Like shopping, for instance.

I have a huge ordeal coming up Friday night. I mean this puts me right up there with Ansel Adams. Well maybe not that high up, but damn near close in my mind. I have to look good stunning knock the socks of people. After I picked up the little one, I decided that I'll go try and find something to wear for Friday.

See...this is where the insanity part comes in.

A top. That's one thing on the list. I have come to the conclusion that if said Boy has chicken nuggets while shopping, usually all is good. I put him in the car cart, and no not the seat part because that would cause a mental breakdown of epic proportions. After ten minutes of winding through Ross, I found it. The top that is going to make me look hawt!
That right there ladies is between my bewbs! Holy cow!

Now that I've found that, let's move on to the shoes. Other than sneakers and the occasionally loafers style shoe, I haven't bought shoes for myself in ages.

Boots...I need boots. So again, we start weaving through the aisles of this maze hell discount store. The Boy has now realized that walking would be so much better. At this point in time, it was working fine. He was acting like all of those kids you can't stand to see in the store. Pulling shoes off the rack, putting a pump with a flat, oh the fun time. Then I see them. The boot that will make my top look even hotter.

But let me back up a minute. Within 15 seconds, Boy has realized that he no longer wants to walk. He wants to be held. Trying on knee high, zipped up boots with a 35lb toddler in your arms does not work. Going to put you down. Epic failure!! 80 y/o women are looking at me like "Aww how cute." Okay, if you think it's cute, can you hold him for a minute so I can try on these hawt boots? KTHX!

Needless to say...I still need boots.

**I have come back to edit because it was brought to my attention that I said "car" instead of "cart". In my defense, I do not leave my child in the car when I shop but shopping with him in the car would be so much easier.

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Eternal Sunshine said...

I feel your pain. I'm a mean momma, though, and will let them cry. ;)

I've learned I can ignore an awful lot, and I don't give a darn if the people in the store give me looks of not!

Felicia said...

So how did the big event go? Don't leave us hanging. I hope it didn't turn out to be too much of an ordeal!


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Lisa said...

It went fantastic! I'll be posting about it today after I do my Weekly Winners.

I'm not 25 anymore so nights out like Friday take a whole day away from me lol