Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Illegal clicking? Can I get a ticket for that?

My boss, love him to death, is always trying to get me to do something. Work? Apparently that's what I get paid for. This morning he's having a meeting with the salesmen and the topic of a blog comes up. Well I guess that's what I do here (go fucking figure), so guess who gets

No biggie, I can do this. Both bosses are all about money, who isn't? So I head over to Blogger, put in his email, since we already have a Google account, set up the blog and start doing a layout. Half way through I'm thinking in my little head, that I'll add AdSense. More people click. Right. That would be a big fat wrong. I keep getting this message:

The AdSense account on file for you has been disapproved. sign in with a valid AdSense account to proceed.
What the fuck? Seriously? Off into his office...mind you it's only about 10 steps but I'm lazy. (I think I've established that some where on here before) I ask the boss....

"Oh yeah, I got kicked off AdSense for illegal clicking."

Huh? Illegal clicking? How the fuck is that possible? I've been to other blogs and clicked the hell outta people ads and nothing. Google doesn't do shit.

So how many clicks does it take to get kicked off AdSense? One has to wonder.

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Eternal Sunshine said...

Do they have "clicking police"? "cause I'm pretty sure that's a job I want. How hard can it be?

Qweenie said...