Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just another reminder

So my good friend Rachel posted this afternoon about "OMG, she's a mom". It was a great post about now you have kids, you are no longer the one being run around to practice, dance, etc. (Go visit and read but only after your done here) It all came full circle to me when I got home from work.

Matt, the oldest, went last week to get his senior pictures done. Something that I was not prepared for at all. After seeing him in the "half" tux, I did shed a tear (I'm not that heartless). My baby is all grown up. I will have to admit something first though. I swear to whomever, if I hear out of his mouth one more time that he's a senior and wants to do things this year....I'll kill him. I really will.

Back to full circles...when I got home, I checked the mail and the portraits are here. OMG, he's grown up to fast, too soon. I can't go through this again with another one. Was I crazy when I signed up for a second go round? Yes, probably.

So here I am staring at was used to be my baby


To my senior

four five
One two

This can't be's really not allowed to. I think I'll just crawl under a rock or find myself a beautiful, white jacket to use for the next 16 years.

4 have this to say:

Rachel said...

Such a handsome baby and a handsome young man.

I am so not looking forward to that!

Big hugs momma!

Qweenie said...

Dood.....*sniffle* ....shut up...*sniff*

Jewels said...

He's all growed up now!! :-( And if you made it through the one, I have faith you can do it again. *hugs* hunny

Fiesty said...

Mama, you are my hero. With mine starting K and your ending this year, I don't wanna think about it! Such a handsome boy you made there!