Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things to do when your bored

Months ago I used to be so good about Sunday's being a family day. The kids and I would head some where cheap and by cheap I'm usually meaning free. Because of life, school, work, and anything else that got thrown at us, we got out of the habit of doing it. Today we started all over again.

This morning, all of us headed down to
Ybor City. Usually Ybor is known for the night life, the clubs, the drunks. During the day it's an array of sidewalk cafes, culture, history and the best of all, cigar making. I love the smell of non-lit cigars. Sunday's in a hard day to capture that because most rollers are off but we could still window peek.

Matt got some great pictures. Poor kid, we get all the way down there and the memory card for his camera is in the computer from me uploading yesterdays pictures. Yeah, bad mom. So he shot with my camera all day.

Here's the full, unedited, set if you'd like to see them all.




Matt was doing his own little photo shoot with this Ferrari that was parked in one of the parking lots. I kept yelling at him to stop fearful the owner would come out.

We have our own Coyote Ugly



Miniature cigar rolling desk

Cobwebs left over from
Guavaween. Kind of like a Tampa style Mardi Gras. 362

And I think I'm going to do it. What you say? The 365 days of me. Why? Because I have nothing else to do. Yeah right.

After we got done doing all of that, we headed to the airport. Yeah, the airport. For an hour, free of charge, we can sit on top of the parking garage and it fills the needs of both my kids. J with the airplanes and Matt
shooting photographing the planes. Head over to Matt's to see the pictures from the airport.

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Fiesty said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day!! I love the way the big one is sneaking his sig mark into the pictures. Took me a minute to actually figure it out.

Qweenie said...

LOVE them!

Melony said...

Wow those are wonderful. He is so talented! Glad you had a fun day with your boys!