Monday, October 20, 2008

Mouthwatering Monday?

Oh yes it is.

Every Monday I watch Rachel post her mouthwatering, drooling recipes and every Monday I say I'm going to try that one. Usually that requires me getting off my ass, fixing it, wondering if the kids are going to eat it and then cleaning the kitchen. See, that's way too much work.

Today was different. I was tacking these. Dirty stuffed green peppers. I love stuffed peppers but usually do the "traditional" recipe. Is there one? Yes, there's the ones I've been making for 15 years. I needed change. I needed something different. So I did it and let me say....O M G! They were delish!


They were so easy to make. Half hour or so and they were done. Much easier then my traditional recipe. So mine may not look as pretty as Rachel's but it all went down the hatch the same.

Next Monday I might be as inclined to do this again. Whatcha got for me next week Rachel?

Oh and by the way, she contributes to Blissfully Delish, so you may want to check her out over there too.

4 have this to say:

Jewels said...

They look good to me. Yum, Yum!!

Qweenie said...

Nom nom nom....we're making those this weekend.

Rachel said...

LOL ;-) Thanks Lisa, you doll. I think yours look quite delicious!

We had these as leftovers tonight and they were yummy! again!!:-)

Glad you enjoyed them. I have no clue what's up for next week yet :-)

Eternal Sunshine said...

Those doo look good! Good for you for trying something new!!