Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Along with today's edition of WW, I had to make a little comment. We recently went to South Carolina to watch my youngest cousin graduate high school. Scary because it only made me realize that will be me dealing with a graduate next year. But along with that, I had a new appriciation for my grandparents. They are both in their 80's and when I was younger, I had them around me all the time. Grandma watched me after school, I would help Grandpa in the garden, he'd yell at me when I'd pick the cherry tomatoes and eat them right then and there and I'd help shuck the corn sitting on the back porch.

J doesn't have that with his great-grandparents. Because of schedules, life, school and everything else that gets thrown at you, he has only met then 4 times in his short time here. I treasure these moments that my grandparents have with him.

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The Bimbo said...

That's life isn't it? They look so happy in the pictures. I managed to spend a little time with my great grandma when she was alive and I'll never forget it. I don't think your son will too.

Happy WW!
This week mine's about my very own superhero!

Anonymous said...

I grew up living next door to my grandparents so they were like another set of parents. It's sad that people live so far away and kids don't get to know their grandparents as well as they'd like. Cherish them while they are still alive and with you. Mine have all passed and I miss them. Happy WW

Gina said...

Precious pictures to cherish!

Indrani said...

Very very precious. My daughters are very unfortunate in this matter. :(

Happy WW!

Write From Karen said...

Aww, that is so sweet. I can't wait to be a grandmother ........ wait, yes I CAN WAIT to be a grandmother. *grin*

My grandparents are still around and still living on their own. God bless 'em.

Write From Karen

Quarantine Hobby said...

Oh, how sweet. I'm glad you shared some words to explain the photos.

I hope he cherishes those moments, too.

Happy WW :)

Unknown said...

I love seeing young and old mingling. Kids need grandparents. :)

Unknown said...

I love seeing young and old mingling. Kids need grandparents. :)

mimi11460 said...

So touching but it's life we were born to have a family of our own, and sometimes it could mean distance from where our origin..and to our children to be stranger to our dear parents...

Kim @ What's That Smell said...

It's great he gets to meet them at all!

My son wil never meet any of his great-grandparents.