Monday, January 12, 2009

**Ahem** Few things on the agenda

Ugh! First off it's Monday and that so sucks. The only thing good about it is that the Teen is at school and so is the Toddler. Why you ask? Because at 6:15 this morning, the Toddler decided to do a total throw down because I took away a chocolate milk from last night.

Should of let him drink it.

I have a few things I want to share with you today. Holly over at Anglophile Football Fanatic dubbed Mondays, Mimosa Monday's from here on out. This all gives us a chance to make sure we recoup from the weekends. You know, the having to deal with the kids, husbands and not sit on our asses all day and eat bon-bons (like they think we do). This way when the husband comes home and he asks what you accomplished today, you can kindly tell him that you finished off a whole bottle of OJ and champagne all by yourself.

What better thing to be proud of? If you want to join us in this wonderful Monday tradition that we are starting, you can grab the button below and put it on your blog. Pretty cool huh?

Mimosa Monday

Blogger sucks at letting you leave code so you know the drill...take out the *'s, replace with <>

*a href="">*img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="Mimosa Monday" />*/a>

Moving right along.

We finally got the desktop back, lost a lot of pictures thought but at least we have two computers back now. The Teen can get the hell off my laptop and let me have it back. I really hate to share. But along with that, I'm going through my reader this morning and headed over to Avitable's blog. Let me just give you a little warning. If you have never been there before, he tells you to the point. It is not for the light-hearted. If you don't like curse words, then my suggestion is that you just don't link. If you do, I warned you.

Today's post is about FreeCycle. It's a hoot. Go NOW! But of course, after you finish here.

And last but not least. A good friend of mine finally came out with his CD this past month. I have been following him like a good stalker would and patiently waiting. For 5 years now I've heard from him that it's coming, it's coming. That's like drunken sex, really.

Then it happened. I get a MySpace bulletin that says it's been launched. OMG I was so excited. Friday night my parents and I went to go see him at a local restaurant and he had it there for me. His CD. He's great. He does a little acoustic, little band style, and he's got a voice that will knock your socks off. Well at least mine came off.

You can hear a little bit of his music on his MySpace, Brian Caudill. Then for a measly $13 you can buy his CD.

I think that's all folks.
Happy drink up!

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Anonymous said...

glad you got your computer back - I need to get my own!