Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can I get that "H" on a silver spoon please?

The other day I had this brilliant idea that I was going to do this
post of what the hell people were thinking when they dressed themselves. To me, it was actually quite entertaining because I am the Fashion Goddess you know. What people? Screw you, I can dream.

Well now you can just call me a big ole hypocrite. I mean with a capital H.

I get this bug up my ass yesterday that I was going to clean out my closet. Actually it was more like a "tax return is coming so I gotta make more room for shit that I'm only going to wear once." I pulled out boxes and got serious.

Opal laughed. Actually I think it was more like a BWHAHAHA, LMFAO and a few others. Bitch.

So as I'm going through my the numerous hangers that I've pulled from the depths of my dungeon. I see it. The shirt, or lack there of. And the wheels start turning. The OMG's and the WTF's. For what you ask? For this.

001 002

Now you see where I'm going with this "WTF was I thinking?" Let's access this shall we? The crochet look? WTF was I thinking? The small patch of knitting that actually covers my child-sagging boobs....WTF? The open back with the little tie....OMFG how cute *puke*

Now in my defense, I believe this has been hanging in my closet for at least 7 years. So I think back 7 years and was my body any where near fit to wear something of this less? Hell no.

So there you have it. H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E at it's finest.

Oh but look at all the hangers that I have to fill now.


Now to redeem myself, I need to go take pictures of someone wearing something worse than this.

3 have this to say:

Anonymous said...

Actually, now that would look cute. But if my memory serves me correctly, I was wearing this S-O-L-O! UGH!

Anonymous said...

I think it's kind of cute, like above maybe over a turtleneck. Still, gotta make room, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Well it's not so bad. :) But I don't think I would have even worn it alone, maybe over another shirt, but not all by itself. I've just never really been into the crochet thing.