Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's my "birth day" too

Wow! It's been 18 years. Something that is so hard to believe. I sit here and try to think of where all the time has gone. Why has it moved to fast?

January 29, 1991 at 4:36am you entered this world.


I was as old as you are turning today. Growing up for me wasn't an option anymore. I had you to take care of. You brought so much joy to my life, that you will probably never realize. Between the colic, the bumps, bruises, stitches and surgeries you have always been my baby boy.

matt birthday

You started growing up so fast. Before I knew it, you were starting kindergarten, telling me how you really felt and becoming my little man.

We've been through so much together, somethings that parents probably shouldn't go through with their children and through it all you've been right by my side.

matt back and white

You've grown up so much. To think that this year my baby will be an adult, graduate and go to college all in one year is something that I thought would never happen to me. You aren't supposed to grow up. You are supposed to always need your mommy but I couldn't be more proud of you right now.

You've shown so much strength over the years and have become such a wonderful young man. I admire you for your sensitivity and courage.

I can only hope that with this birthday you will understand the joy and happiness that you have brought to my life. Eighteen years ago I made the choice that would change my life forever.

I wouldn't give it up for the world.


Happy 18th Birthday Matt!
I love you!

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